GUI4MSX-Mboxroms&openMSX is a program written in RealBasic to use the game-roms from MSX-Mbox. Below you will find install instructions.

You can find GUI4MSX-Mboxroms&openMSX at:
The zip file contains no romfiles.

What a MSX user would have to do is:
1. Download and extract the MSX-MBox torrent.
2. Rename all romfilenames to lowercase. You can use krename for that or the following shell script provided by joyrex (didn’t test it to be honest).


for i in $*
j=`echo $i|tr A-Z a-z`

if [ $i != $j ]
mv $i $j


2. Install the openmsx emulator for his or her distribution
3. Download and extract my programm in the MSX-Mbox-4.5/games directorie.
4. Make an icon on his of her desktop pointing to GUI4MSX-Mboxroms_openMSX and maybe make GUI4MSX-Mboxroms_openMSX executable.
5. Start GUI4MSX-Mboxroms_openMSX

Didn’t test all the games yet. So some will not work properly because i have put the wrong MSX version in the roms.lst file.

If you find any errors i would like to hear it.

Realbasic needs the following:
x86-based Linux distributions with GTK+ 2.8 (or higher)
glibc-2.3 (or higher)
CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) (Not for my programm)

Standard Software Disclaimer

The software on this web site, whether in the form of source code or executable, is provided As Is.
There is no warranty that the software is appropriate for any specific use.
While it is believed to be correct, there is no guarantee that the code does not contain either general errors or errors that may occur under specific combination of parameters or use.


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